Shared and Exclusive Insurance Leads - Which Should You Buy

Shared and Exclusive Insurance Leads - Which Should You Buy

Insurance agents buy leads to boost their business and to earn profit. But they should know that which types of leads they should buy. Insurance leads may be of two types i.e. shared and exclusive leads. This article gives a brief introduction about shared and exclusive insurance leads.

Shared Leads- As its name suggest the leads which lead generation companies sell to the multiple clients is called shared leads. Many leads generation companies use notion of shared ‘legs’ to ensure that a lead is not sold to 2 captive agents from the same carrier. The buyers of the shared insurance lead mix among national and local buyers. Also, shared leads increase the competition among buyers as leads are sold to the multiple buyers. But share leads are sold on cheaper price as compared to exclusive leads. Due cheap rate, insurance agents can buy share leads in bulk quantity.

If insurance companies or agents have good reputation in the market then they can convert most of the shared leads into the sales. Shared leads best works with strong and reputed brand.

Exclusive leads- Unlike shared insurance leads, exclusive insurance leads are sold to the one agent exclusively. This type of leads may only be exclusive for a short time. Generally exclusive insurance leads are 2-4 times more costly than shared leads. Due to high cost, insurance agents buy exclusive leads in low quantity.

So on the basis of above facts you can decide which types of leads will be better. If your reputation and brand is not very strong & popular then you can buy shared leads. But if you have low budget then you have the option to buy shared leads. Also, many insurance companies and agents prefer to buy both types of leads for good quality and bulk volume together.