Get Final Expense Leads By Telemarketing

Get Final Expense Leads By Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a useful method to get final expense leads. It is easy and cheap method which many final expense insurance agent use to get quality leads.

By working with quality vendor, leads will answer you within a couple of weeks. It means you can start to work much more quickly, because turnaround is fast.

Telemarketing leads will cost less than direct mail. For example – direct mail $29, telemarketing can be $7-20. If agent has not enough money for investments, telemarketing is great solution with fast results.

However, if it’s so great and fast, why not everybody working by this method? Main reason its “do not call” list. If agent will accidentally call to someone from this list, he can have a fine. Working by telemarketing you shouldn’t forget about travel expense, you need to be careful, you may not notice how much money you will waste for gas, wear, etc.

In addition, the quality of telemarketing leads lower in average compared with direct mail method. Cause it’s kind of interruption marketing. Agent calls to some potential lead but person not ready for understanding or listen this information. Maybe he is good lead but for now his mind not on your offer.

So how you can use telemarketing wisely? To get good results, agent just needs to mix direct mail and telemarketing. While he waits answer on mail, he has free time that he can fill with using telemarketing. That’s how it will work effective.